Saturday, January 16, 2010


Music seems to be an obvious candidate for indirect collaboration and I thought I'd dogpile into the current theme by posting my own favorite -- and very timely -- example: FAWM. FAWM is short for February Album Writing Month, and challenges your procrastinating tendencies by asking "Can you write 14 songs in 28 days? What are you waiting for... inspiration?".

I heard about this site a few years ago from good friend and long time fawmer Ryan Woodard, who has used the site to collaborate with musicians in far-flung places like Alaska. What I like about FAWM's approach is that it adds a "time-critical" angle to the mix by cramming the creative process into the shortest month of the year. While structural constraints (e.g. haiku) are often used as a foundation for the creative process, FAWM incorporates time as a constraint in the form of a deadline.

I'd love to explore the other ways time can be employed as a creative constraint beyond its obvious role of providing a deadline. But I'm too busy right now to look into it...

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